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A note from our nurse...

Good afternoon!
We have seen an extreme rise in influenza and strep throat cases here at Libbey in the past two weeks.  Here are some tips; hopefully this is a help!  Thank you for helping to prevent the spread of illness – we miss the kids when they are sick and can’t wait for everyone to get healthy again!


Some helpful reminders:
*If your child has a fever, they cannot return to school until the fever has been gone for 24 hours WITHOUT Tylenol or ibuprofen.


*If we have sent your child home from school sick, that means the illness has not been gone for 24 hours, so please keep your child home from school the next day (or until that illness has been gone 24 hours)!  Both days will be medically excused and medically excused days do NOT count against your attendance totals!


*Doctor’s notes also excuse your child medically!   No need to make a special trip in to give them to me… Just bring them when your child is better and I will go back and change the attendance code! J


*Wash those water bottles! 


*If your child has been sick, get them a new toothbrush so they don’t re-infect themselves!

Please call us at Libbey if you have any questions!

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We here at Libbey Elementary have so many Thank Yous to make!

  • THANK YOU! To United Church of Christ for the amazing donation of sweat pants you made to our Libbey Closet!
  • THANK YOU! To Lynda Lenz of State Farm for helping our staff, bringing in several armloads of tissues and disinfecting wipes!
  • THANK YOU to the other donors to our Libbey Closet that include hats, gloves, 100 toothbrushes, 48 tubes of toothpaste, 50 body washes, and 50 shampoos!
  • And the most amazing THANK YOU OF ALL…. the amazing people who donated a total of $2250 to help pay off our school lunches in December.  You made such a difference and I can’t even begin to know how to thank you.  To be able to tell parents that they had one less thing to worry about this Christmas season was such a gift.  Several people in our community were a part of this huge donation and we thank every single one of you.  

Happy New Year!

                                  music notes

The date for the 1st grade program has been released!  Please join our 1st graders on April 2nd at 6:30 pm to enjoy our show!

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